sed-e-commerceFor nearly 10 years, Sed Logistique has been investing to support e-tailers in their development by providing innovative and adapted to the specificities of this sector solutions. SeD Logistique deploys for its customers e-market solutions tailored to all stages of the service, mechanized facilities, an interfaced, available and interactive information system allowing real-time control.

If e-commerce is to make the heart of your business as a pure player or as diversification in a multi logic, SeD Logistique offers relevant and effective solutions.

SeD Logistics is tailored to your strategy:

You have hand in the sale of stock, the private sale conditional, the Market Place, or combination of these offerings to a single basket for your client SeD Logistics will implement the solution for the management of physical flows and information flow.

SeD Logistlogistiqueonlineique adapts to very diverse categories of products: textiles, shoes, accessories, dry food, electronics, cultural products, toys, appliances, decoration, furniture, and also their limitations: bulky, fragile, sensitive, perishable (DLC, DLUO, FIFO, FEFO, batch number and serial number ...).

SeD Logistique provides comprehensive distribution solutions through its specialized BtoB and BtoC and through its agreements with recognized carriers.

Customized solutions to meet the constraints of e-commerce logistics:

SeD Logistique adapts equipment and storage organization according to products, width, depth and frequency of renewal of the online catalog.

- Reception: product identification, installation or acquisition of EAN, rehabilitation, unparcel through workshops

- Sample management, shooting

- Scalable storage with the permanent objective of optimizing surfaces

- Absolute respect of picking priorities

- Planning methods of preparation optimization (sorter multi-format ...)

- Specific packaging (envelopes, boxes, gift boxes, ...)

- Parcel inserts (samples, coupon catalog) and inserted materials customized (personalized messages and cards)

- Processing and optimization of returns

- Adaptation to all common computer exchange formats (flat file owner, XML, Web Services, EDIFACT, ...)

- EDI in place with key players in e-commerce transport.


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