Logistique Solutions

LOGISTIQUE SOLUTIONSWith an experience of over 30 years in logistics services, SeD Logistique develops its expertise in dedicated, pooled or on-site logistics.

ico-logistique2Processes undertaken by Logistics Solutions enable the receipt, cross-docking, storage, order picking and shipping multiple work units (pallets, parcels, items, lots, bills, ...) and are organized in logic sharing and pooling of shipments.

Our workshops carry out operations delayed differentiation, quality control, co-packing, delivery compliance products receiving or reverse logisic.


Our experience is in industrial areas, in traditional networks, chain stores, the supermarkets, specialty retailers and e-commerce.

With a team of 500 people and nearly 200,000 sqm of logistics space, Logistics Solutions meets the requirements of its customers.

With an internal IT team, a custom business software WMS and network infrastructure maintained and secure logistics solutions evolve to new technologies (mechanized sorting, voice, RFID).





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